This has to be the greatest invention in a very long time. No, not the toilet. Although I am much happier to have indoor plumbing instead of an outhouse.

In-floor heat pad

My husband likes tile work and he does a great job at it. I like to have warm feet. We both hated the carpet that came in the bathroom when we bought the house. (Who thinks a carpeted bathroom is a good idea in the first place?) So this little gadget is the perfect compromise. It is an in-floor heat pad. It doesn’t look like so much here, but ….

Once he finished the floor and it was all hooked up. It is heaven. The heat radiates up and will actually heat the room. This is nice, since our master bath is one of the last places in the house to get warm with the woodstove. More on that beauty later. The heat makes your tired, aching feet and legs feel wonderful. I have always enjoyed a nice warm shower, and now it is even better. My feet are happily toasty on the beautiful tile. I even think the tile pattern resembles a quilt. I may end up trying to work it into one some day. I have a few other projects before I try that!