Dogwood bloom

We had great plans for things to do today. We actually got some of them done. Well, OK, at least one of them done. After morning chores we hooked-up the truck and utility trailer and headed over to Mom’s. She had an unruly forsythia bush that was about 40 years old and was staging an assault on the other plant life. I do believe that it had designs on the deck if left to its own devices.  So my lovely husband pruned it with the chainsaw (we had Mom’s blessing!) We loaded the tangled mass into the trailer and topped it off with what was our ultimate goal. The abandoned fiberglass roofing material from the old covered porch. We need to make a few repairs to the roof of one of the out buildings. I would also like to make a cold-frame for starting the garden veggies a little earlier. The parents were happy to be rid of both items and we considered it pay for the plant removal. Win-Win!

Then came the moment of down fall. My sister had arrived to visit, and we all sat down on the deck to have a cool drink. Now understand; the weather was perfect: Not too hot and not raining. That is about as good as it gets here in Western Washington. So we sat and chatted … all afternoon. Well, some of the menfolk took naps until my sweet daughter showered them with bubbles. At which point they thought their arm hairs were being attacked by small crawly bugs. Kind of funny to watch if it wasn’t you being invaded.


So while we may not have gotten our To-Do list completed. We did get to spend some good times with the family. Which, in the long run, was much more important than if the carrots get planted today or tomorrow. So sorry ladies, my next ATWQB block will have to wait until Monday to get started.