Turtle - begining

This one is pretty much for Summer Sadie. I met her through her blog, and she was posting about procrastinating on starting the Grandmother’s Flower Garden pattern with all of those little hexagons. I commiserated as I hadn’t gotten to the Safari Path quilt that has about a million pieces to patch to make Turtles, Lions, Giraffes, & Elephants. So we figured we would start on them and be able to boost each other along the way.

So here you are Sadie. The beginings of the Turtle blocks. The Giraffes are on the table now. Ok, I admit that I wanted to use some of the fabric for my ATWQB block swap, but I didn’t want to run the safari quilt short. So, if I cut all of the pieces for the animals, then I could use whatever is left over for the other blocks! Sounds reasonable, right?