You may be wondering this tangle of strips are for. They are the handles for the 23 tote/diaper bags that are on my work table. If I went by the directions, I would not have nearly the amount of work in these things. After making myself several, I have adjusted the directions and pattern to make the bags more durable and have a better finished appearance. Enter the top-stitching marathon. It was my design alterations that made it so, therefore I should not complain. And I am not. I just must have had amnesia when I thought it would be better to do a big wad of them all at once and get some gifts out of the way.

Well, the handles are done, the pockets are done, the linings are stitched, now to cut and sew down the Timex for the bottoms and the assembly can begin.  Yes, Sadie, yours it at the top of the pile, even though Emily “helped” organize the straps this morning before pre-school. I imagine she will have fun matching them all back up again when she gets home.