Here it is. I am not real thrilled with it, but it is done, and that is enough said.

Debby's shack

I made it with items on or around the cutting table. The snowflakes are from my “winter” kitchen curtains. The stars, babies, ME, and pink flowers are from my diaper/tote bag projects. The green swirls were left over from the Safari quilt Turtles. The purple is from an other quilt. The roof and the front step are just stuff that was hanging around. I was lazy and just used a piece of fabric with a selvedge still attached instead of sewing in one special.

I know I still have another “house” block in the works, but the next one seems to have fewer building covenants. I already have the blueprints for that construction project on the table. Next though is the block that I am showcasing our state in. It will have to wait a few days since I MUST get a few of those tote bags done for the weekend.

As a side note to the post on the weather. That evening, the winds shifted and the temperature dropped 20 degrees in about 30 minutes. Heaven! We have even had a few sprinkles of rain. Everybody has been in a much better mood since then.