Dino roaster

This was a very good grill for at least 6 years. We used it a lot. Sadly, it was no longer safe to use. We were getting bits of the upper racks falling on to the meat on the lower main grill. (Who uses those upper rack thingies anyway? I think I tried it once when we were making a ton of hot dogs for the boys at a little league game.) The handle is barely hanging on by two loose bolts on one side, and the heat deflector is disintegrating.  The final straw for me was two nights ago. I had Cody head out to light it up for some pork loin chops. I put the meat on and shut the lid, that is when I saw that the flame was burning on the outside of the grill. If you look closely you can see the heat spot below the main grill and the just above the control knobs. I worried the whole time that it was going to blow out the side of the house.

Now, Father’s Day is coming up next weekend. My husband is a great guy and an awesome dad. Just ask the kids. So for an early Fathers Day gift we went to Home Depot and scouted out some new grills. (Home Depot ’cause we had enough gift cards saved up to pay for the whole thing! Thanks everybody!) With a little help from the sales clerk we picked out a new Char-broil. Meet “Red”.

Shiny & new!

It is designed with “Infrared” cooking technology. I read about that. It basically makes the molecules in the food vibrate until it is cooked. Or so the booklet says. I like the fact that there is a chamber thing in there that catches all of the extra stuff and makes it really easy for me to clean it out. It keeps the flare-ups to a minimum (less carbon char!) uses less gas ,and cooks faster. The propane bottle is neatly tucked away from little fingers. The spare burner is also covered, which will be handy for keeping leaves & fir needles out of it. And look at the inside!

Slick & smokin'

The grates are ceramic coated for easy clean up. Yes there is a warming rack, but it doesn’t wiggle around like the other one did. We can use the smoking chips in here too. It has a rotisserie attachment we can add on later and they have a cast iron insert that replaces one of the grates & works like a casserole dish. Mmmm baked beans or a beer hot tub for the bratwursts! Oh baby!

Honey had this put together in about an hour. We had a lovely steak off of it tonight. I think it will take a bit of adjusting to the new cooking times and temps, but it was darn tasty and much safer! I think summer dining just took a turn to the outdoors. I can’t wait to get the onions & peppers from the garden on there!

Let me know when you will be by and we will fire her up ! At the very least we always have “hotgogs”in the freezer for the little miss, and we can roll out a few of them for ya.