Pride of Washington for Courtney

This block goes with Courtney’s blocks about the places we live or what is important to us. I like where I live and I was able to find some fabric that has a bunch of those places and things represented

The center panel has the new football/soccer stadium, Qwest Field, where the Seahawks and the Sounders play. It is tucked in behind Mount Rainier. This mountain can be seen from just about anywhere in the central to south Puget Sound region. There is also a Bald Eagle and an apple, since we have a few of both. The totem pole is a nod to our large Native American population and their fascinating history and culture. The blue & white dome is the Tacoma Dome (largest wooden dome structure) where sports, concerts, and events are held. The Puyallup Valley was famous for it’s daffodil farms until they paved over the fields and put up warehouses. (Don’t get me started on that!) The building at the bottom is the dome on the rotunda of our Capitol Building in Olympia. Interstate 5 (I-5) links Canada, Washington, Oregon, California, and Mexico as the main highway system on the West Coast

Center panel 'Pride of WA'

The upper left hand corner square has a ferry for shuttling cars and people across the Puget Sound and to the islands. The sea otters are fun to watch, and more apples & daffys. There are glimpses of evergreen trees tucked in here and there. Most of us have an afinity for green trees and growing things.

The upper right hand square holds part of the Pike Place Public Market sign, and the Space Needle. The Space Spike as we like to call it at our house, is probably the most recognized landmark in Seattle. The tulips represent the Skaget Valley and their huge tulip fields and the festival they hold every year.

Corner panels of "Pride of WA"

The lower left section has an Orca, a Salmon, and a sea plane. These attractions bring in tourists for sight seeing or for the fishing. There is also a swatch of the Olympic Mountain range behind them. This range creates the weather necessary to sustain the Olympic National Forest. A temperate rain forest with huge ancient trees and rivers.

The bottom right piece has an image of the older Narrows Bridge, but not the newer one they finished a few years ago. I cross these to get back and forth to the “big city” of Tacoma from where I live. There is also a fishing boat to represent the many different fisheries we have in the area.

The other three fabrics were going to be pieced together somehow, but that was before I found this little tour of WA in fabric. I hope she likes it and it isn’t too busy for her!

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