Hummingbird snack

Outside my sewing room window we put the hummingbird feeder. I thought it would be nice to look out the window and see them. They are such beautiful little things. Em is absolutely fascinated by them.

No one told me how loud those tiny birds can be! Their wings have a humming buzz to them as they come in for a landing. (Hence the name Hummingbird I would venture to guess.) That isn’t too bad, as then I know when to look up to see their shimmery green bodies hovering gracefully to sneak a snack. The problem seems to be when one male decides that the feeder is HIS! He will sometimes let the females feed, but he dive bombs everybody else while making a high-pitched chittering sound. I did not know they made this noise and it took me by surprise the first time I was buzzed as I went out to check the nectar feeder.

Pulling up a sit-down

Now I know that I need to wash and refill the feeders in the late evening. I also know that if I want to see some really good air maneuvers I can either pop in the Top Gun DVD or grab an iced tea and sit on the porch and watch the territorial little fella run everybody else off.

So as long as the hummers want to hang out, I’ll keep the feeders filled outside my window. Then we can watch their graceful dance around the flowers in the garden and catch them when they sit a spell and have a sip on us.