Anita's Pinwheels

I will apologize right now for the picture quality. It was very breezy and keeping the block in one place long enough to snap a photo was a challenge.

Anita made a lovely starter block with a globe in the middle. I didn’t have any map fabric to continue the theme that the other ladies had going. So I looked at the colors she had in her block ,and went to my favorite fat quarters in my stash, and made her some snappy pinwheels. I had fun making these. They remind me of my daughter running around the yard, giggling, and making the “Spinnies” go. I hope they make Anita as happy.

Now I wait for the next envelope to start the second quarter. I will work on knocking out the some of my blocks for my other two swaps. The 9-patches are moving along well. I should have those in the mail to Aunt Pitty Pat tomorrow.