This is what has been keeping me from sewing for the last two weekends. We are finally getting the land prepped to start putting in the barn. After the snows and winds last year, our temporary housing for the animals and the hay have about run out of time. The snow crushed the building that housed the grain and milking area. So, we are finally getting things in order. Eric has been digging up stumps and leveling out the ground. We will have to have the professionals come in with the laser level thing to make sure we are within code, and to help with the retaining wall that will keep Grandpa’s shop from sliding into the barn.

The barn is still in the design stage as we haven’t decided exactly what we want it to look like. Eric likes the monitor look, with the peaked roof and a section that pops up above the main level. That would give us a loft option, but it appears that design is more expensive that we might want. So, now we have to decide if we want looks or function, or a happy medium. I am sure the design guy is going to hate me by the time we are finished. Oh well. Eric doesn’t really want it to look like a boring metal building. Perhaps we’ll go for a two pitch roof. I think it is called a Gambriel roof.

Clearing stage 1

So until we decide on the final design, we will just keep playing in the dirt. Which isn’t as bad as you might imagine. It means that the tractor gets to come out and play, and we have a few trees to cut and split for this winter’s heat. The goats are enjoying the branches and shrubs that are being left over for them to snack on. Yummy! The kids are having fun too. The older one gets to drive the tractor and use the chainsaw and the younger one gets to slide down the dirt slope, play with rocks, and run around with the goats. Fun for everybody!