Disappearing 9-patch #1

This is the fabric that I used for my first set of disappearing nine patch blocks. Reds really aren’t my favorite colors, but I though that this was cute. I may use the idea to make a quick lap or car quilt for another friend. If you use just two colors it seems to take about a yard to make the 5 inch squares. Especially if the fabric is really poorly wrapped around the bolt, and you have a lot of squaring up to do. I think that makes me the most irritated with the fabric companies. The stuff isn’t cheap and then you have to buy almost a quarter of a yard extra just to make sure you have enough to complete your project. Grrr. I have some nice scraps though, wierdly shaped, but nice.

Aunt Pitty Pat had called for a few more people to join so that we would have a total of 40 different blocks. Some of us decided that we could make a second set if enough folks didn’t come forward to join in. So I had been thinking of some fun color combinations that would use up some extra fabric I had left over from an other project. (See above for that reason.) So I came up with these.

Disappearing 9-patch #2

They are very bright and cheerful. I asked and she had enough folks to actually start a second group of “Blockheads” as she calls them. So I sent these in to her as well. Depending on how many people actually send in their blocks we may get more than one of our own blocks back. I am still not sure what I will do with this lap sized quilt. Perhaps a permanent car blankie will be in order. The cheap fleece one that we have in there for emergencies may have to hit the road and be recycled into winter goat coats. That is another project for another day though. I’ll post the pictures of the blocks when they all come in. They aren’t due in until the end of the month, but at least I know that I am not the pig tail on this swap!