July garden

This is what our little garden will look like for this year. The artichokes are surviving. The zucchini, pumpkins, and squash seem to be making good progress. The garlic and onions are getting ready to set flowers. I just hope the master gardener figures out when to pull the plants this year so they don’t all rot. The strawberries have been really tasty when we can keep the crows out of the patch. The herbs are doing better than I had hoped. I didn’t know that parsley was a perennial. I seems to have wintered over quite well. It is taking over the corner. the carrots are not coming along as well as I would like. They are strange carrots in any case. According to the package, they are not intended to be eaten raw. They have a better flavor when cooked. So we will see how well those go over. If we don’t like them, the goats and chickens will get the benefit of them this fall and winter.

The great plans for the garden went by the wayside. We are keeping this one in shape though. In the past the garden was too big for us to keep track of. I think we started out with to many things to grow, and not enough knowledge of how to make them preform well. We didn’t get more than five ears of corn, and we lost pounds of tomatoes to the rain and slugs. The lettuce didn’t do well in the garden proper either. We have made some adjustments and they seem to be working. The front porch lettuce patch makes it real easy to make a quick salad for supper. I guess that is the fun of figuring out how to grow some of our own food. We’ll take notes and tweak the plans for next year.