hay stacked

This is what we spent part of last Saturday doing. (Happy 4th!) It is that time of the year. If we don’t get the hay in now, we will have to pay through the nose for it over the winter, if we can find any. This hay actually comes with papers that certifies that it is 100% organically grown. Nice, the goats are eating healthier food than we are. Although I guess you get out what you put in to it. So now we can actually market 100% organic fertilizer when it comes out the other end. Could it be more than 100% organic since the goats have refined it even further? Interesting concept. I’ll have to talk to the folks in the legal department before we go to marketing with that idea.

The rest of the weekend for me was spent making this,

Hairy Sunny

look like this.

Naked Sunny

As you can see, her pasture mates are making fun of her new hair cut. They didn’t have long to laugh before they were each sporting a new ‘do. A full body clip takes about an hour, and I had six old ladies to do. After some head bashing just to make sure that nobody forgot who was in charge of what, things settled down to the old routine. Now I need to find the will to go after the younger goats for their annual haircuts. The younger ones haven’t had as many experiences with the clippers and they tend to be more jumpy and harder to handle. Nothing like a good wrestling match with a five pound pair of clippers in my hand. I suppose they have to learn to deal with it sooner or later. My guess is that it will be later this year rather than sooner.