I wanted to show you the pillow that Summer Sadie made for me. I just haven’t taken the pictures for it. I did that today while I was snapping away at a few other things. They hardly do the beautiful hankie justice, but you will get the idea.

Sadie's pillow

She used a vintage hankie to create this lovely throw pillow. As if the print on the hankie wasn’t enough, she put together a pieced edge strip to give the pillow cover some volume. how wonderful is that with all of those pretty colors?

Pillow edge

This little beauty sits in my “reading” chair for now. When I am finished moving furniture around, I hope that it will sit in my rocking chair. Every time I see it sitting there it is like a smile from a friend that brightens your day.

Thank You again Sadie for such a lovely gift. Your craftmanship is excellent, and I will cherish it.