Double Duty Tote

This is the project that I have been working on since January. I know. It doesn’t look that complicated. It really isn’t if you are making one at a time. I love this tote/diaper bag. I tried the standard rigid sided diaper bags at first. They were bulky and miserable to get in and out of tight spaces. (The VW Bug, under the stroller, elevators, etc.) This bag is totally reversible, and has more storage space than you think. (I can fit 12 Pull-ups, 5 size 6 diapers, a change of 3T clothes in there, plus all of the stuff in the pockets with room to spare). For a diaper bag I usually keep the pockets turned in, but for a tote bag it can go either way. The pockets are deep, and big enough to take a 40 pack of diaper wipes. The bag squishes into tight spaces and is washable if you choose the right fabrics.

The patterns from SewBaby are usually very simple with only a few pieces. They go together well, and have very clear instructions. It takes the turn towards a never ending project when it goes from 1 bag to 23.

Bag Stack

This isn’t all 23, since some of them have already been sent to Summer Sadie as gifts for her and her newest nephew. The top 6 will go on Monday as thank you gifts to my daughter’s speech and hearing therapists. At least one is for home use, and we have several other baby shower gifts in there.

DD bags #1

DD bag #2

I have tweaked this pattern to better suit my needs. I like to make part of it out of denim or heavy corduroy. The pattern says that if you use a cotton fabric that you should use a fusible interfacing to give the fabric more structure. For the large panel that is great, as it is ultimately backed with another piece of material. If you make the pocket out of cotton fabric & use interfacing to stiffen it, the interfacing will shred if you put things in the pocket that have edges. This time I added a coordinated cotton fabric lining to the inside of the pockets to prevent that. Next time, I will eliminate the interfacing from the pocket to reduce the bulk. I have yet to make the diaper pad that goes with it, but it looks simple enough.

This project is now in the “Completed” category for WIPs. Whoo Hoo! On to the kitchen curtains & my set of Spooky Swap blocks!