Jar quilt

I went in to my son’s room and amidst the laundry and debris left from the whirlwind that was Cody before his departure for a month-long trip to Yellowstone with his grandparents; I found the quilt I made for him about 8 years ago. It was in need of a trip through the wash machine, but otherwise still in good shape considering the life it has lived. I don’t know how many fort roofs or capes it has been, but I know that it still does the job of keeping him cozy.

I made it to fit a twin-sized bunkbed, which is why it it long and narrow. I had fun collecting the different fabrics of things that boys might put in jars. Bugs, fish, and rogs

The sashing is probably a bit wider than it should be and I can’t remember why I made it that way other than I may have run out of the jar fabrics and wanted to get this done before Christmas.

Fave frog fabric

This frog fabric is my favorite. Apparently it was a favorite of a lot of people, as I have never seen it since I bought it. The fish fabric in the quilt was purchased at the same time and I think it is by the same company. If anybody knows of anyone who has some of these goofy frogs and doesn’t want/need it. Drop me a line. I am sure I can find a bunch of projects for it!  I would be willing to do some sort of a swap for it.

backing & binding

This and a quilt for my mother-in-law were some of my very first finished quilts. I am happy to see that this one is holding up well. (The block and border aren’t really that wonky, I just tucked it under to get the backing and the binding in the shot.) The binding and the backing are a marble with a sparkle to it. The glitter stuff hasn’t completely washed or worn off after all of this time. I am not sure sparkles were a boy thing, but the colors were the best match at the time, and he really didn’t seem to care.

Well, enough of reminiscing. I have more laundry to get to and a few more warm memories work on at the sewing machine.