Snowed Bug

I like summer as long as it doesn’t get too hot. The 70’s are a great temperature as far as I am concerned. I’ll even go to the mid 80’s before I complain too much. I was looking for a photo from this winter for something and I found these. How easy it is to forget how miserable it was when we couldn’t get out of our drive way. We had already dug the VW out of the snow once before this photo was taken.

Back gate/pasture

This is the back yard and pasture. You can see where we had been digging a path down to the lower pasture to haul water. The power cord went down that far, so we had a tank heater to keep it from freezing, but the water line had frozen solid. We had to schlep buckets of water to keep it filled. It was beautiful though.

Flying heavy

This little guy kept reminding us that summer was coming with the sun and heat, and that I shouldn’t complain too loud about the snow.

Just seeing these makes me feel just a bit cooler, well, that and the fan….

I hope to get some good pics of my Halloween 9-patch blocks for you tomorrow morning when the light is good.