Hay trailer

We picked up our last load of hay for the year. (I hope.) This isn’t the most exciting thing we do, but it is a lot easier to get it now and pack it in for the winter. Trying to find good hay at a reasonable price in December is no fun. We have found a place with a good family who is very dedicated to producing the best hay possible. (No, I won’t give you their name or address. It is MINE!)

We try to get to the hay field as early as possible so we can get this done before it gets too hot. This is what we find when we arrive. Freshly baled orchard grass, alfalfa, or pea hay, depending on what time of the year it is.

Freshie Bales

We drive along and flip the bales up in to the stock trailer and stack them in.

Stacking in the nose

We are training the wee one to take over some day. At this point this is all fun for her. Although she claims that the bales are “too heavy” for her to move, she gives it a try just so she can use the hay hooks. The bales weigh twice what she does.


She has much more success with driving the truck. I know. She isn’t even four and she is already behind the wheel. Her older brother doesn’t think that is very fair either. She has another few years before she is ready to go solo, since she can’t reach the pedals yet.

Drivin' w/ Dad

Our last load of hay is pea hay. This is interesting stuff. They harvest the peas, and then cut the plants and let them dry. I don’t know how they harvest the peas. I have always missed that step, but it must not be incredibly effective, as there are plenty of pea pods left on the vines.

Field Peas Peas in the field.Baled Pea Hay Pea hay

The goats dance with joy when they see the bales being stacked. They go through the hay like a pack of teenagers through a bag of potato chips. It breaks up the monotony of just orchard grass and local hay during the winter. It is especially welcome on those cold snowy days when nobody wants to go outside. Those days seem far off right now, as it is still hitting the 90’s here; but, they are coming and we hope to be ready.