OK, I don’t know why they call it a 6 minute circle. Mine took about 30 minutes, which, since I had never made one, I thought wasn’t too bad.

6-minute Moon

I checked out the Dale Flemming tutorial on the HGTV site for this. Parts of it are pretty vague. Like, let’s say the double layer of freezer paper. Is it glued paper sides together so both shiny sides are out, or is it just stacked on top of each other and stuck together with heat? (I went for the later.)

Backside of the moon I also think that the bigger the circle the larger you might make the interior cut. A half inch was kind of skimpy, but then again, you do have that left on the back of your block, unless you trim it all back to 1/4 of an inch. They might also think about putting the fact that you need to stop clipping 1/8 of an inch from the edge of the paper in the same sentence that tells you to clip the seam. I am sure if it weren’t 10:30PM, and I wasn’t trying to figure this out for the first time EVER from photos on the internet, I might have thought that through on my own. I don’t think they figure the time that it takes to get the fabric and the paper prepped in the count either. For the test block I had to cut the “sky” square and the “moon” square, as well as the two pieces of freezer paper. I do believe that they assume I have a circle cutter. I do not, so that added a few minutes, since I wanted a nice round shape for my full moon, instead of having it look like I hit the sauce a little too hard before picking up the fabric shears. (I am not very good with the wonky thing, I can admire it, but I have trouble creating it.)

Blurry bats & the moon All in all, I think the technique worked well. It made a lovely 7″ moon for my bats to fly across. I also ended up with a nice 6.5″ circle that I have no plans for.

Faux leather bats This set of bats its an experiment. It is some leather looking material that I found on clearance. It actually feels like what I would imagine a bat to be; slightly fuzzy and leathery. I have yet to applique them down. We will see what the sewing machine thinks of the fabric. This may be a one of a kind if the Bernina doesn’t want to stitch it nicely. I have some nice black tone on tone prints waiting in the wings for their chance if this doesn’t work out.