Yes. I know, 7 comes before 8. I had a great block for #7, but the original block size is smaller than I thought. So back to the drawing board for that one!

Tonya's Salmon Block This one however, was fairly easy to adjust to any size. I found the fish fabric shortly after I saw her starter block posted on Flickr. It was either that, or I was going to hand paint a salmon in the style of the Pacific Northwest Native Americans for the center block. I didn’t find a pattern I really liked, so I went with the batik fabric.

The camera didn’t capture the aqua blues very accurately, nor the greenish yellow of the net pattern in the second border. Oh well.

I did have one major problem, the outer border batik fabric. As pretty as it is, we were having some technical issues. It wanted to stretch more than I like, even when I cut it on the tighter grain. Then, I was about 1/4 of an inch short all the way around. So, I had to go back and pull off the outer border and make a new one. A fairly easy fix. I made that one even a bit larger than I needed so I could square it up some. I finally finished it and it is on it’s way to the next stop on it’s around the world tour.

Now to find a pattern for #7….