S.Sadie's Bats

I have completed the bat blocks for the Halloween Spooktactular Swap. They turned out pretty good. I only had a few hiccups. For some reason I looked right over the standard overcast stitch and went for the stretch version. That was a bit of a challenge. Thankfully I only did one or two that way before I realized that it was the wrong stitch. I did try the satin stitch, but it made the edges of the bats look blurry. Not my favorite look. I did enjoy making the circle moons though. The process did go faster once I figured out how to make it work. I still don’t think I got it down to 6 minutes, but who is counting?


These are the purple bats on the black sky. Yes, they really are purple. I was taking the photo in the evening and the light made everything look much more blue than it really is.


These are the other backgrounds with the faux leather bats. The material was easy to sew through, even though it didn’t like the heat for the wonder under. I was able to get the temp up to polyester and iron it from the back side to make it stick down well enough to applique down.

Now to put the finishing touches on the witch shoes…