witch shoe and cankles, according to my sister.  I did try to avoid that, but at least the shoes look great.

I have seen some of the other witch shoes & stockings that people are making for the swap, and my girl is a bit more of a fashion plate with her shoes. Although my guess is that is why she has such a foul mood. I can’t imagine walking in those babies, but I am more used to muck boots than heels in any case.

Purple stockings

I used the overcast stitch for the stockings on part of them and the satin stitch for the shoes and most of the purple-edged stockings. I tried using the tear-away stabilizer to reduce the puckering, and it looked really great, until I tore it off. It tweaked the fabric some anyway and left little fuzzy things in the stitching when it was torn across the grain. I was not too impressed. Perhaps I will use the embroidery scissors and just cut it free next time.

Spotty stockings

They are off in the mail with the bats and my sister’s brooms. These ought to make some fun quilts when we get them back.

Orange stockings