We have some progress on the wall today. Apparently the company that makes the the blocks doesn’t believe in loading them before 9 AM. Then they wanted to give the guys a hassle about loading them into the dump truck. All I know is that when I got home today this is what we had going.The Great Wall of Lakebay There are 24 blocks down and I would guess about that many left to go. I hope to get some shots of them moving them into position using the excavator. I saw the last one go in, but they were done before I could get in the house to get the camera.

They smacked the blocks into their final position using the backside of the excavator scoop. Jeff, the Dirt & Wall guy, isn’t very thrilled with the lack of precision that the blocks have when you stack them up. He isn’t very fond of the “Wonky” look. It’s not my favorite way to quilt and I REALLY don’t want it in my construction projects!

Profile of the Great Wall

The backside will be back-filled with gravel and a pipe to direct the water from the downspouts of the shop along the wall and out to the drainage ditch.

I’ll let you see what kind of progress they make tomorrow.