The Great Wall of Lakebay

Hmmm. Didn’t it look like this on Tuesday at quitting time?

Why yes. Yes it did!

I know he said they were slow loading the blocks on Tuesday morning, but that is ridiculous! Even the union guys have to be able to get a dozen blocks loaded into a truck in less than 8 hours. (Easy now. My family is longshore union. They work hard to get the benefits they have. It is just easy to poke fun at them and their rules & regulations.)

I don’t know why we didn’t see the Wall guys today, because I didn’t get a phone call letting me know there would be a delay. I hope that nothing horrible happened. The shop was still standing with the sign out front when I went by on my way to a meeting this evening, so that is good. It was probably a good thing he took the keys with him when he left yesterday though, or I might have been tempted to try out the big rolling pin rig.

We will see if they show up on Thursday. If not, I may start charging a storage fee for his equipment. I wanted this done by Friday. Our first weekend guests arrive Friday night. I’ll be a tad unhappy if I have to play horse shoes around the big boy toys.

My guess is that they didn’t run off with our money though. I have a few pieces of their very expensive equipment lounging about my property. My guess is that they will be back for them. It’s not like they will be able to sneak in here in the dead of night and get them without anybody knowing either. Those bad boys are waaay too heavy to push up the hill & onto a trailer, and they are none too quiet when the diesel engines fire up. So I ought to hear them, even if the dog fails to let me know something is up.

Lounging Equipment

So check back tomorrow to see what the excuse was. Ooh, I should give a prize to the person who comes the closest to guessing the one they give, and the one with the most creative excuse. If I get any entries, I may just do that! I am sure I have some chocolate or fabric that needs a new home….