Sorry about the delay in posting. Company, and some icky sickies have kept me from posting the latest.

Thursday they wall guys showed back up to work on the project. I was able to catch this block in motion before I headed out to pick up all of the goodies for the weekend of food and fun.
More Great Wall construction!

By the time we all returned home the wall had been completed and the gravel was down for the drive nearest the house and the front of the barn. The completed wall And that was it.Gravel Drive We were supposed to have a gravel drive way from the front gate to the back side of the barn that will allow access for the cement trucks during the barn construction, and then for the hay trucks. Hmmm. The wall & dirt guys had gone home for the day.

Friday afternoon we finally made contact with Jeff, and he was waiting for us to be home so we could plot out where the building was actually going to go before he finished off the heavy duty driveway. I don’t know what phone number he had for the house, but it wasn’t ours, and my cellphone was in my purse in the car.  He showed up Friday afternoon with two loads of gravel and really needed a third to finish off the pad in the right way. We could have used a lot more, and had him gravel the whole pad, but we had to control the budget somewhere.

Dumping the driveway So, here he is Saturday morning with the final load of mondo gravel for the front driveway. I am still not sure if it is the front drive or the back. It is the first driveway to the barn and on the front of the property, but it will access the back side of the barn. I think we will have to give them each a name to eliminate confusion. (Now if you remember the earlier posts, we had people arriving to stay the weekend starting Friday night. They got an extra show to go with their meals!)

grading out the drive Now, we may have had some minor unexplained delays during this build, but it was impressive to watch these guys handle this equipment. They made it look so much easier than it really is. I know, because I received a crash course in driving our own tractor last Thursday. We have a nice sized Kubota with a bucket and a backhoe. Working all of those controls to make things go where you want, and make it look effortless takes a lot of practice and some skill. He made smoothing this gravel look like me frosting a party cake.

Packing down the big gravel

Then came the fun part. I like to call this one the rolling pin rig. I know that it does a lot more than just mash stuff flat. You can feel that for sure. The thing vibrates everything in my house and the neighbors’. It rolls and packs down the dirt to give a nice sturdy base for the concrete pad we will pour eventually. It smooshes the gravel down into the dirt to make a sturdy surface for driving on. We could have done it ourselves with about a million trips back and forth with the truck and tractor, but it took him less than a half an hour to get it all neatly packed down with this thing. A much better use of our time and gas. With the final touches on the driveway we were done with the site prep. Now on to the waiting for the blueprints and the county permitting process.