This is just a quick note to say that for the next 48 hours my life pretty much belongs to the 4-H and FFA kids at the State Fair in Puyallup (say Pew-all-up).

I’ll post some pics of their beautiful goats with the neat-o prizes and ribbons that I went to Bellingham, WA to get today. (A lovely 7 hour round trip drive with a 3 year old.) I am sorry that I ever doubted the usefulness of the backseat DVD player. Although I have had enough of the Muppet Show and “Kernit Mommy! Kernit da Frog” for a few days, as no other DVDs would do. Again, thank the Almighty that I had all 3 seasons.
Now to go finish assembling said contests and prizes…..
Sleep? Who needs sleep?

This is what they looked like in 2007.

Type prizes

Showmanship & BIS prizes