Look at what I received in the mail today! Goodies! Miss SummerSadie sent me this fun box of treats! I love the mini NutterButter cookies, and Chocolate is never turned down here either! There are also other fun things for the people who live in my house. My guess is the favorite will be the cupcake papers once I fill them with batter, bake, and add some frosting! The teenager and the pre-schooler will have fun with the glow necklaces too. It is Spirit Week at school, so I am sure the glow gear will be broken out at the homecoming football game on Friday.

There was one other item in the box, but I have to wait about a half an hour to let you see it. It was addressed to Miss Em, and I will let her open it on the way home from school. So we all have to wait….

Treats the Pumpkin bear This is what Miss Em found in her package. The cutest orange Beanie Baby Bear. I tried to get her to show us his pumpkin face tummy, but that only resulted in a view of her belly button. I do believe that she likes him. She hasn’t put him down since she opened the paper in the car. Good job Sadie! Thank you again for your sweet thoughtfulness!