We got through the hardest part of the fair. Now there is only one more weekend worth of FFA stuff for us to work on. Then we get to regroup and start getting ready for next year.

Showmanship Swag Nancy, Em, & Molly set up.

There are prizes for showmanship classes as well as for the type classes. Showmanship is where the kids present their animals to their best advantage to the judge. They are evaluated on their showmanship skills and preparation. Type is where the animal is judged on it’s confirmation and placed according to its correctness in comparison to the other animals in the ring.

2009 Senior 4-H showmanship class

This is our class of senior 4-H showmen. They all worked very hard to qualify themselves and their animals for the state fair. They did a fantastic job. We were very proud of them.

I would have had more photos, but I got busy with the Thank You cards and awards. The FFA show was very good, but ran exceptionally late. I don’t think the fair board will try to schedule the 4-H & FFA shows one right after the other again next year. There were just too many students and animals to evaluate accurately in that short of a time period. The FFA students presented some very lovely animals. It was one of the best shows we have had in quite a few years. Good job!