If you are a Vegan, or are morally opposed to meat.  Please pass up this post.

These items were all raised right here on our farm. This is the first time we have actually butchered and eaten our own goats. (No, these are not any of the ladies in the header photo. We don’t eat the milkers, although several of them have been threated with this fate over their lifetimes.) This was a particularly unpleasant buckling that liked to bash stuff.  We have holes in the roofing & one wall missing in the buck shed, and a broken 6″ fence post due to his love for smashing his head into things. I am much happier that he now resides in the freezer.

Farm Fresh! Having never cooked goat meat before, we decided to try one of the less choice cuts for our first attempt. This is a lower leg roast.  My wonderful husband decided on the marinade, and we went out to the garden and harvested all of the fresh herbs we needed to make it. How rewarding is that?

After a few minutes of chopping and mixing this is what it looked like all dressed for an hour or so marinate in the fridge before being put on the grill for a slow roast.

Nicely Marinating

I would love to show you what it looked like when we were done, but we ate it. It was good!  I didn’t realize that he had taken photos of the process, or I would have taken a lovely shot of the the plate with the salad with the lettuce and tomatoes from our front porch boxes. Let’s just say that it was darned good and we will be experimenting with the more choice cuts soon. I can’t wait to try the ribs in the smoker … yummm.

So I guess this is also a heads-up for all of the farm animals. You had better play nice, or you will be invited for dinner.