I don’t have any photos for this one, but if you head on over to Lila Tueller’s blog, you can find her newest line of fabrics called Eden. This is what the fuss is all about. She is GIVING some away! Who can say no to free fabric? Not me! She has a Jelly Roll, a Layer Cake, and perhaps some new patterns that she is offering to give to a lucky person.

I generally don’t like the big floral graphic fabrics, but this line is done in soft colors and I think it would make a splendid quilt for the rocking chair. It is very girly and the boys will probably leave it alone. Probably. I know I have about as good of a chance of winning it as I do of winning the lottery, but at least I entered this drawing! If I don’t win, I will probably at least track down a charm pack of this when it is finally released in the spring. Then I can make that quilt, but with a lot more neutral fabrics to show off the little charm squares!