Look what we had done.

Farm sign

My sweet husband found a booth at the State Fair that made custom aluminum & vinyl signs. He decided that we needed one to christen the new barn once it is completed. This is the design we settled on. We were going to have the “Established” date put on it, but couldn’t decide if it would be the year that I first owned goats, or the year we moved onto the farm here in Lakebay. In the end it didn’t really matter since we ran out of room on the sign.

I would have like to have a more stylish goat on the sign, but of all of the artwork they had, this was the most accurate to the breeds we raise, and actually looked like a dairy goat. They had such bad goat clip-art that one of the poor things even had three teats. (Super disqualification!) Anyhow, we were very pleased with how it turned out. It will proudly grace the door to the milk room once it is finished.