I have been making good use of my quilting time while waiting for more of the Around the World Quilting Bee blocks to arrive.

Lincoln's Platform

Missouri Star Quilting Company is doing a big thing at the end of the month for Quilts for Kids. Since my daughter spent some time in the NICU (Neonatal Intensive Care Unit) and the ICN (Intermediate Care Nursery) I thought that it sounded like a good place to donate some little quilt tops. They will take sizes from 25″ x25″ on up to about a twin size I think. The great part is that if you send in your quilt tops with the backing & binding, they will quilt them up for you for $10 per quilt. I like that idea, since I am not that good at that part yet. For those of us living too far away to pop in and drop them off and then come back to finish the binding, they even agreed to put the binding on. The quilts from this event will go to the Kansas City Childrens’ Hospital to comfort kids in need.

Modified Lincoln's Platform or Shoo-Fly. Either way works.

These two are the ones I had done today. I have a few more in the works, and I’ll share them when they are finished.