OK. This probably won’t qualify me for the Darwin Awards, but it was a dumb thing in any case, because I knew better.

My mother will have my hide for this. When I was learning to sew she taught me to be a neat seamstress. Always trim your threads, clip your curves, press the creases, baste, blah, blah, blah. I know I should do all of these things, and, depending on the project, I do the items that actually have an effect on the finished product. I am most religious about the trimming of the lead and tail threads. I hate to have those show up  later. Well, apparently I missed a set.

Oops! Not a pretty sight!

So, when I was picking the loose threads from the front of the quilt, I grabbed on to these and tugged. Most often it is just a loose piece from the frayed edge that has worked its way to the front and a quick tug pops it loose. Nope. This was a seam thread, and in the middle of a block no less. What to do…. I flipped it over and ran another seam right along the top of the one I pulled out. I did catch a little bit of a pucker at the corner that had to be teased back out, but all in all, much better than having a hole in my quilt!

I am double checking my threads before I just pull at them anymore. Yes Mom. Lesson learned. I’ll stop sewing like your sister. (I love you Auntie, but she is right on the thread clipping thing.)