I just finished up my ATWQB block for Summer Sadie. Actually there are two of them. I am sure that is unfair somehow, but I couldn’t decide, so she will have to.

Birdie Tale Diamond Star This the first block. I had been picking up bits of fabric that I thought would go with her quilt and her personality. Then I actually got her quilt in my hands and decided that it might be a bit out of place. It makes a big difference to see the quilt in person, as sometimes the camera just doesn’t get the colors right.

So, I went in search of some more vintage feel fabrics with the big cabbage roses on it. Apparently they are not as popular as I thought they were. I could only find them in this blue fabric, unless I wanted to sew it up in drapery fabric. So, I went with it, and found some complementary fabrics that created this.

Cabbage Rose Glory I only had to tear out a few seams because I sewed things in backwards. I think I have a system for the more complicated blocks now.We’ll see if that helps in the future construction. It is less important if things don’t need to be oriented in a certain way, but I tend to want my roses growing up, and things like that. I know, I am odd that way.

Bad shot of Sadie's quilt as of 11/1/09 In any case, this is what her quilt looks like now, and it will leave for its next stop in tomorrow’s mail. Wheeee! I am on to Kendall’s quilt block next. I hope to have some news on the others soon. After Kendall’s block, I will have made 12 of the 24 blocks. Apparently there are about 8 or 9 coming down the pike all at once. Yikes! I do have some plans for a couple of them, so that will help speed things along!