We live in the tullie berries and we like it that way. It does present some interesting social situations though. As kids, my husband and I both had great neighborhoods to go candy hustling in on Halloween. It doesn’t work that way out here. You can’t really see most of your neighbors’ homes and we are OK with that. Not that we are unfriendly, that is certainly NOT the case. But an outing to trick or treat would involve the car, barn boots, a really good map, and even then we might get met by some big dogs or a dude with a shotgun.

So, this year since the little miss decided that she did not want to wear the pretty princess dress, we did this.

Trick or Treat!

I don’t think the goats actually said “trick or treat”, but each one of them got a tasty carrot including the yummy green tops. I am sure there are doctors and dentists out there just thrilled to see fresh, home grown carrots being handed out for Halloween goodies. I doubt it will become a national trend, since it was the goats that were eating them, and not the child.

And one for you...She had fun in any case. So, sorry to the grandparents wanting a cute & precious Halloween photo. Your grand kid dressed up as a farmer, played in the sand pile, and fed carrots to the livestock for Halloween. I must be a rotten parent.