It has been busy around here.The Pines

We have managed to have a little get away with some of my husband’s side of the family. We went to Sun River, OR for a long weekend. Apparently, we didn’t take too many photos while we were there. I am guessing that was because we were either eating or laughing. This is too bad, because it would have been great to have some shots of Miss Em playing video games with her Uncle Bruce; Grandpa Max & Uncle Skip playing pool with Cody; Grandma Phyllis, Aunt Pam, Em & I playing Banangrams; or Grandma & I playing ping-pong. Again, these activities usually ended up in heaps of laughter. OK, so pretty much everything did. We couldn’t even cook dinner without hysterics, well, at least Bruce and I had trouble cooking supper without fits of laughter. I do believe that they won’t allow us to cook together anymore. The food tasted fine, but they were worried that we might need oxygen.

Bruce & Cody & Snow

The Pines at Sun River was a pretty resort. It was either clear or slightly over cast for most of the days. We did get some snow in the evenings/nights, and it did snow on our last day there. It would have been just perfect if we could have figured out how to get the heat upstairs to the bedrooms. We tried cranking up the heat, but that just pretty much sweltered out the kitchen, living, & dining rooms.

We have to thank Columbia Sportswear for their moving musical contribution to our stay. Apparently they rent out the parking lot directly behind our unit to Columbia twice a year. They do an Employee appreciation/training thing or something. Starting at about 7:30 PM or so it sounded like the tribes were sending drum signals to the next county. Really, it was vibrating the unit and making the glasses rattle. (See our previous posts on the Great Wall of Lakebay to find out how I know about this.) They seem to cut it off at about 10PM Friday and Saturday nights. Sunday however was a very different story. They ran the music until 11:45. I know we were not he only ones with young kids, and I imagine that there were others who complained too. I am waiting for a reply from Gert Boyle and Columbia Sportswear. I doubt that I’ll ever hear anything, but at least they should know how disappointed their customers are in their behavior.

All in all we had a good time though. We look forward to spending some time with them again in December.