Phase two of the barn raising has finally commenced. We were notified last week that the permits had finally been signed off, and that construction would begin on Monday.

Monday at 6:45 the rental company delivered the bobcat with the auger to our neighbor’s house. Now, our neighbor is a really sweet guy, but he is a fireman and often gets the late shift. I am sure he did not want that kind of wake-up call. My dear husband went out to straighten up the confusion. The delivery guy got kind of grumpy and pretty much tore up Tim’s driveway with the bobcat tracks. The builder went back and fixed it a little later. (Thanks !)

The building crew arrived at about 8 or so. They laid out stakes and rebar, marked where the holes were to go for the poles and then fired up the bobcat. The auger on the end is pretty much a dirt drill. They have to go 4 feet down into native soil for the footings.

It went pretty well. They only hit one big rock that had to be dug out by hand. Look at this rock wall that my husband built. All of those rocks came from here. As I pointed out to the guys, we didn’t buy any of those, so who knows what you will find down there.

After the digging of holes they were pretty much done for the day. Until they get the county guy to come out, look in the hole and say,”Yep. That’s a 4′ hole in native soil.” They can’t do much more.

It was explained to me that Tuesday was the day the county inspector would come to make sure the holes were “legal”. I was also told that the lumber was scheduled to arrive on Wednesday. They guys would be back on Wednesday to set the poles and pour the concrete footings.

One side note. The weather here has been horrible. If it isn’t raining, it is blowing upwards of 40 MPH. Sometimes it is both. When asked if the weather would be a factor in getting this job done, I was told “No. The weather doesn’t make a difference to these guys.” We will see.