Tuesday came with some drier & calmer weather in the early afternoon. We found this tree down in the upper pasture that morning. We removed several other trees this last summer for this exact reason. They were dead and we were afraid that they would come down on the new barn. Better safe than sorry. We just hadn’t gotten to this one yet. The goats found this tree to be particularly tasty and ate all the bark off and killed the poor thing. We wrap the trees we want to save in either chain link or chicken wire layers. We do have to re-adjust the wrappings every so often, but it keeps the trees alive.

This is the glamorous 4 foot hole that the county inspector came to check out on Tuesday. He was here and gone in the amount of time it took me to run to the pre-school and back. 15 to 20 minutes tops. You would think they could coordinate that so some work could get done on that day, but I guess not. I did call to let the builder know we had approval on the holes.

Wednesday morning dawned with actual sun shining for the first time in about a week. Mike from Chinook Lumber was knocking on my door at about 8AM or so to figure out where he was supposed to deliver the wood and roof trusses. I explained to him which gate he needed to go through and then met him outside with the camera.

He had one of those snazzy little forklift things attached to the back of the truck for unloading the supplies. The wheels of that thing move in all directions. I can only imagine the skill it takes to maneuver one of those around. He unloaded the truck with amazing agility and precision. Now I have support poles, roof trusses, and framing lumber. Oh my!

While he was unloading the truck the little miss and I chucked rocks into the holes from on top of the retaining wall.

She had to go down the stairs that Daddy built and check out where the rocks went, and why they made such a funny sound when the went in the hole. To her delight, there was about 2 feet of water in some of the holes. The splash and plunking sound were a real thrill. No, she was not allowed to play near them unsupervised, and was strictly forbidden to go near them without Mommy or Daddy holding her hand. But, it was a hole of unusual size and had to be checked out.

The goats are eagerly awaiting their new digs as this set is rapidly getting too small for the number we have in the pen with the onset of the rainy season.

Now, since it was mostly sunny with only a few banks of clouds rolling over and only a light sprinkle. This day would have been my choice for setting poles in concrete. I would think most of this work could have been achieved in dryness and been completed fairly quickly. Alack and alas, I must think differently than the construction crew. I saw neither hide nor hair of them on Wednesday. I did not receive a call or a reply to my e-mail explaining their absence. We shall see what Thursday brings. I had been informed that I should have a barn within a week from the time they stared construction to the time it was finished. I seriously doubt that will be the case.