I have had a few things to take care of during the last week,and they have prevented me from getting to the blog. Excuse the multiple posts, but I’ll catch y’all up on the barn construction.

Friday the 20th the crew was out preparing to put up the roof trusses. The weather was rainy but not quite as windy. Part of the photos were taken from inside the house. The window they were taken from is partially covered by Cosmos and Clematis stems. The willow tree is also between the house and the barn, so a few twigs snuck in the photo too.

The guys made a “truss sandwich” of a center pole spacer and then the wood step- looking thingies that will eventually support the roof stringers. They are called Purloins maybe? My carpentry knowledge is beyond limited. Sorry. I know what they do, even if I don’t have the right name

They put a wench thing on the tops of a set of the side poles. Lowered the cable with a large lag bolt down through the truss frame and then hauled up the truss. They guy on the ground directed them, keeping it pretty level as they raised the truss into position. It worked out pretty slick. Then they nailed the truss into place. This is what they had accomplished by midday on Friday.