Monday saw the stringers go up for the roof even though I didn’t get a photo of them without the insulation on. Go figure! Little things like housework got in the way.

The insulation came in wide rolls like quilt batting. I am used to seeing the narrower stuff they put in walls, you know, like the Pink Panther sells. I don’t think I am going to switch to fiberglass quilt batting, but I thought that it was interesting that “quilt batting” was my first thought when I saw the bundles in their bags laying on the roof. They made fairly short work of the actual roofing. It took them as much time to frame in the overhangs we have on the roof line as it did to get the metal roof on. I am happy with the overhangs. They give you a chance to get in the door without getting all of the rain drips down your neck. In the winter when it snows, it will also keep me from getting an avalanche on my head when I open a door. We went with a 4 foot overhang on the side that opens up to the pasture. That is all about mud management!