We have walls now! The construction guys got the majority of the wall work done today. The rear sliding door was hung, but is not covered in siding yet.

I also received a lesson in windows. Apparently if you want to put a window within two feet of a door the window must be made of tempered glass. I did not know that. The week before, I purchased two windows for the front of the barn. One of them was tempered and the other was not, and I didn’t even notice. I purchased them from the Habitat for Humanity Re-Store. This is a great place to shop, as there are many great bargains to be had if you know exactly what you are looking for. The only stipulation is that they don’t take returns or exchanges. The tempered glass window was about 10 inches too wide to go next to the door, and the other window would have been perfect, but it wasn’t tempered and wouldn’t meet code. Grrr. So, today I headed back to the store to find a tempered window that was about 2 feet wide. They had one tempered glass window. One. It was 25″x30″, but doesn’t open. Nice. Oh well, at least I will have some light in the room, even if there won’t be a fresh breeze.

The window is the reason that they didn’t get to the front of the place. Kind of hard to frame in a window you can’t see to measure exactly. I had to wait to drop off the window until after parent-teacher conferences at pre-school. We will see how close they get to finished before Thanksgiving.