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OK! After several visits by the county inspection dude, that is what the permits say. OK to Occupy! Whoo Hoo!

I was kind of holding off on saying anything else until that came through. I really didn’t want to jinx the process.

We had a bit of a problem with the roof truss bracing. It looked great and I suppose that it would have been just fine for the many years this barn will stand. Sadly, when the guys put up the bracing, they didn’t refer to the spec sheet that the company that built the trusses sent. They have a very specific place that they want the braces placed, and it was not where the construction team put them. So after about a week of schedule shuffling a crew was sent back out to fix the issue. As you can see in the photo above the original bracings are nicely hung with metal braces tied in to the main support beam. Those are NOT the ones specified by the truss company. The ones that they wanted are the ones that are supported by the diamond shaped 2×4’s. It doesn’t look so bad on this end, but …

this end is much less asthetically pleasing. I am just happy that the inspector thought that it was good enough. Eventually I will find something to put up there so I don’t have to look at the fact that the boards don’t touch the main post.

My dear, sweet husband has been busting his hump working on the feeder, temporary walls, and the fence revision. As of last evening this is where we stood on having the barn ready for the goats to move in. This is where the goats will live now. This wall will eventually be replaced with the real wall of the milking areas. Until then this should keep them inside.

This is 16 feet of hay feeder. The goats will stick their heads thorough the slats and eat the hay out of the box in the front. This will keep the hay from being wasted on the ground. It also allows the person on the outside to feed without being crushed by a hungry hoarde of goaties.

(Good Job, Honey!)

This is the goat side of the feeder. I think we will have to make one modification to the front. The tall goats have no trouble reaching the openings, but the younger and shorter girls have a bit of difficulty popping their heads in. We will add a 2×2″  runner to the front of the feeder. This will give the girls a toe rail for them to step up onto.

The new front fence panels will tie into the barn here. There will be an access gate on the end nearest to the rock wall. This will allow us to get the tractor in and out of the pasture. (We are also working on the drainage issues.)

This is where the back side of the fence will tie into the barn area. As you can see, we also have a fresh load of  “Goat Toys” courtesy of the rewiring job near where my husband works. We just have to patch up the holes on the ends before the girls can play on them. We don’t want any feet or legs getting caught in the spool holes.


I went outside to do chores today and took the camera with me. I was going to get the photos of how the barn has turned out.

My sweet step-son has taken the memory card. He is at his mother’s until sometime tomorrow. I think he took it so he could turn in some of the pics he took while we were at the beach for a homework assignment.

I am sure that I have another card around here, but I was outside when the camera said that it couldn’t record the image and I did not want to have to shuck the muck boots to trek through the house to find it. So you will have to wait until tomorrow for me to get you some photos of the barn.

I know, I know, the suspense is killing you!

I do have an update about the barn, but it will have to wait. Not much more will happen until next Monday regarding the barn, and I need some fresh pictures of it in any case.

We spent a long weekend at Point Brown, WA with my husband’s parents and CJ’s girlfriend. We had a great time, even though several of us were sick. Em & I had full snot lockers and were coughing, Eric started in with the coughing, and Molly felt pretty ucky with a sore throat & stuffy/achy ears.

We left Friday after the teenagers made it home from school, and it is about a 2 hour drive. We hit the condo, unloaded the cars, and headed out for supper. We finally tried the Galloway Bay Pub in Ocean Shores. We had been meaning to get there for several years, but with the full kitchen in the condo units, we had pretty much cooked for ourselves in the past. Galloway Bay has live music on the weekends and, looking over the menu, they offer a lot of traditional Irish (& English) pub food.

I do have to admit that I haven’t had very much of that style of food myself. So, deciding to live it up, us “old folks” decided to go with the new, and hope that the flavor of the food was as tasty as the description made it sound. Eric’s parents and I, all ordered variations on a meat pasty. Max had a veggie version, Grandma had the chicken and mushroom, and I had the beef with onions, potatoes, and carrots. They are sort of like pot pies without all of the sauce on the inside. Instead they serve the “pie” over a heap of “colcannon” (mashed potatoes with steamed cabbage blended in) and smothered in a whiskey cream sauce.

I was a bit concerned about the potato thing. It was yuuummy! The potatoes were mashed with a hand masher so they still had some texture, and what ever they did with that cabbage, you didn’t smell it, or find huge chunks in the potatoes. The whiskey cream sauce was divine. Apparently you can have the recipe for about  two million dollars, and the pub comes with it.

My husband decided to try the shepherd’s pie. That was scrumptious too! It had diced carrots, onions, potatoes, & steak in a succulent brown gravy, covered in the colcannon style potatoes, and topped with a puff pastry hat. This was parked in the oven for a bit to brown the top. I have since been directed to find a decent recipe for these items.  There were some very happy people tucking into those plates.

We waddled back to the condo and pretty much all wanted to hibernate. The next morning was bright & cold. After breakfast we headed out to hit some shops. I thought about doing a bit of holiday work there, and got one or two presents. My favorite shop had closed up, and moved north to Port Townsend or Port Angeles. In either case it was too far to make the trip that day. We hit a few other shops and headed back to the condo unit.

We went for a walk on the beach at sunset on Saturday. It was nippy, but there was no real wind to speak of. The little miss and her dad had fun chasing the waves. She did get a bit damp, but had a blast!

The next morning had a very heavy frost covering everything. The wind was a constant 10 MPH gusting upwards to 20 on occasion. We grabbed the sand toys & the kites and headed for the beach. I am not a very good kite flyer. That is the boys’ area of expertise.

I tried playing in the sand with the little one, but the wind just drove the sand into her face if she turned wrong. We were only out for about a half an hour before we had to pack it in. It was way too cold for us sickies. I spent some time trying to get the sand out of her eyes.

Our last night there the arctic weather front slipped down from Canada and put everything into a deep freeze. The temp slipped to about 19F overnight. Things at the condo faired fine. At home we had not prepared the farm for that kind of a freeze. That, as they say, is another story.

The condo was pretty good, but I think we will go back to renting the 2 bedroom units. They are at least all on one level. It is much easier on the knees that way.