This is a bit late for a Christmas posting, but for the family that we didn’t get to see this holiday season here is a peek at our festivities.

We had been sick around here for most of early December, so we didn’t get as festive with the decorating as we have in the past. This was our baby Christmas tree. It will be a fine upstanding spruce tree one day. It can look back and say that this was one of the crazy things that happened in it’s youth!

Nana always goes way overboard, although she did better this year than in years past. It still looks like a heap of stuff, but it is all pulled to the front for easy distribution. There are six grown-ups (I use that phrase lightly) and an only grand-child involved in this gift exchange. Like I said, it has been worse.

Just in case Aunt Dorrie was wondering if Emily really liked her hand-knit horsey, This ought to clear it up. She had quite the grip on Peanut, even as she slept, all crashed out after the excitement of Christmas. I’ll try for a better shot of Peanut one of these days. He really is an amazing creation, even if my sister thinks he is homely.