Make felt and squeal like a pig.

Yes, my machine was that horribly uncared for. I kept meaning to oil it, really I did. It finally got to the point where it was shrieking for a dab of anything to moisten the gears. I think it would have even taken some mayonnaise if I was in the habit of eating sandwiches near my sewing.

(I hope I can put it all back!)

My first problem comes in the reading of the owners manual. My machine is a Bernina. A fairly popular brand here in the United States. I don’t know which language the manual was originally written in, but it was NOT English (American or British)! There are horrible translation errors and omissions. I can’t read Spanish or French fluently. OK, hardly at all, but when they start out with step A and the English version jumps in at step B, you know something is wrong. So, I usually just avoid doing anything that I have to actually read & follow the manual directions for.

This I just could not ignore any longer. So I dug out my manual, the tools needed to remove the face plates, and set to work. I was mortified that I actually had enough build up on the feed dogs to qualify as felt. I was soooo ashamed. I dug it out and then used the canned air to blow out any remaining chunks I could not reach with the long tweezers. Then I went looking for the sewing machine oil.

(All clean w/o bobbin case.)

Now, they give you a bottle of the stuff when you get your machine. Mine leaked. It made a huge mess of my built in storage bin. I think I finally pitched the thing out with some bad words thrown in for good measure. Now I needed something to lube the poor Bernette with. I went to my bag with all of my goat clippers in it. I figure that if this oil is good enough for my expensive livestock blades, it should do for my desiccated sewing machine. It was a very light weight oil and that is what matters the most if I remember my lessons from Mom when she would clean hers.

So, now that I have cleaned the fuzz out my machine, and gently lubricated the moving parts, let us hope that I can sew without all of the squeaking and squealing. If it works, then I suspect that the serger should be next….

Sorry Mom. I am sure that it just killed you to read this.