Well, most of them stay in “Girls’ Weekend”. This year we traveled to Ocean Shores for a three day get-a-way. We had a nice time, ate good food, and we all brought projects to work on. I am the only one that can’t knit or crochet, so I brought along the newly oiled sewing machine and a few projects.

Sorry about the photos. It was dark and rainy outside, so I had to use indoor lighting and it didn’t make for very good pictures of the blocks.

This ATWQB block is for Anita in the Netherlands. Her poor quilt was the first to try to make all of the ocean crossings from The Netherlands to Australia to Brazil and then to Florida, USA. We learned a lot about the shipping times with her bundle. It is just over half way through it’s journey and has a few more international trips to make before reaching home. It is looking fabulous, and I hope she will be happy.

The next one is for Flossy Blossy. I think she is in Leeds, UK. Her quilt is perky and cheerful too. She has made some fun blocks for the rest of us. I thought I would give her some dimensional bow-ties for her quilt. All I could think of while I was making these was; “What kind of guy would wear these as actual ties?” I am sure that somewhere out there, there is a librarian, musician, or somebody who would. I think they turned out cute, and I have some plans for another quilt using this pattern.

Andrea of IndigoBlue is the recipient of this little gem. Sadly, I made it too big. When I measured her original block I was in a hurry and forgot a few things. My cutting table mat does NOT measure accurately from the very edge. So, when I measure I move everything in one inch. If the block says 12″ it really means 11″. I forgot this in my haste to get the block pieces pre-cut for the trip. I did not want to bring the parent quilts with me, lest something happen to them in transit, which would have reminded me to measure them again on my snazzy new rotating cutting mat my sister got me for Christmas. (Thanks again Sis!) Andrea will loose some points into the seam allowance, but that is not the end of the world.

This is Kate N.’s block. She has some very pretty batik fabrics in her quilt. I did not have any that would do her quilt justice, so I found my peacock inspired fabric and created this. It blends well with the pretty blues and vibrant greens already established in the other blocks.

I also made a lot of progress on Nicole’s project. I am making her a quilt with the Storm at Sea pattern. One of the girls tried to figure out how many individual pieces I had in the quilt. I told her to stop, as it was making me think about how much work this is. If I can think of it as fun, then it makes me happy to do it. When I realize how much work goes in to it, I think “Why didn’t I just get a gift card, and be done with it?” I am just not that way I guess. Besides, a handmade quilt, blankie, or afghan is like a hug that you can take with you. The person that made it for you has put a little piece of themselves into your gift, and thought about you while they made it. So, if you get a handmade gift, think of those things when when you thank the maker.

Now that the weekend is over, it is back to my regularly scheduled life. WhooHoo!