I know that for most people this will not be very fascinating, and perhaps they will even be disgusted. But I don’t really care. I was amazed. Just know you have been warned.

I do not like to clean the bathroom any more than the next person. But it has to be done and when I am finished, I want it to look like I have actually done my job. I do not know what the problem is exactly. It may be the fact that I have boys in the house. It may also be the water here, or a combination of both. In either case, I have weird and disgusting stains and scale in my bathroom. Primarily in the toilet, but also in the sink. Which leads me to think that it might have more to do with the water. Anyhoo. I have tried everything I can think of to get rid of the stains, and no go. I had heard of these pumice stone things and that they were supposed to work really well and NOT destroy your porcelain surfaces, nor gas you out with harsh chemicals. I had not really believed that it would work, and expected to have scratched up ceramic.

(Both sides started out square. The rounded surface fits the bowl better now.)

TA-DA! Boy was I wrong! Once I got past the scritching sound, I found that this little blue beauty really did work. I started on my sink and it took the scale off from around the faucet base and removed the stain around the drain. I then took it to the main bathroom and did this piece of work there. I thought I had better do the sinks first! (For some reason the camera made part of the fixtures look beige and other shots showed them their true white. I can’t figure out why.)

Before  &  After  

Our toilet had some stains around the water line in the bowl and then some nasty looking scale around the rim.

Before & After

The main bathroom had more staining from the water then anything else. It took care of that quite well. The directions said water, light pressure, and small circular motions were all that it needed to work. I used only enough pressure to hold the stone against the surface and it cut through the stain pretty quickly.

Before.            During.

and After

I think that I will have to pick up another one of these on my next trip through WalMart. I don’t really want to put this one back in the sink after it has been used in the toilet. Ick.

So for those of you that have wondered if those pumice stone cleaners really work; yes! Or at least this brand does. I would try it out on an inconspicuous spot to see if your surfaces can handle it. Now my sinks and toilets look like I have actually cleaned them. With that chore tackled, I am going to go spend some time behind the sewing machine.  Whoo Hoo!