It was such a beautiful day. Sunny and very nearly 50 degrees, but sometimes that is the way it goes. Especially on the farm.

Three ages of compost piles

Funny how it works. You put hay and feed in the front end, and poop comes out the back end. In either case, it falls on the humans to move it. We bring in the hay during the summer and pick up grain on a monthly basis from the feed mill. We also provide bright, fresh shavings for them to sleep in and this is what we end up with.

Now I will say that this pen has not been pitched out since Mid-October. We try to let the bedding build up during the cold winter months to help keep them warm. I know that seems odd, but the decomposing biomass actually generates warmth. Check out the temperature on an active compost pile sometime. At some point though the barn must be cleaned. Today was that day. I was best friends with the pitchfork. Thankfully the rest of the family offered to help move the heap that I had amassed. They showed up after they had cut up a tree that came down in a windstorm last week. The tractor makes it so much easier than lugging it all the way in the wheel barrow

After the pitching is done, then comes the fresh bedding. This is the part that the little Miss has always enjoyed. In her book, shavings flinging should be an Olympic event. She has them in her hair, in her clothes, and just about everywhere else by the time she is done. Today we were treated to “Shavings Angels”. Who knew what a great substitute wood chips could make for snow?

At the end of the day though, who doesn’t enjoy a clean house? Even if you were born in a barn!