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After months of asking, I finally have my blog on the site.

Now to figure out how to make the computer play nice and let me put up button images in my side bar.

(I couldn’t say it better!)

I have tried this several times for different occasions and have yet to figure out what the magical combination is. I have tried typing in all of the things it asks for, only to have the fields come back blank when I save it. I even tried copy & paste, but it didn’t like that any better. When I finally do make it work, I won’t be able to remember what I did different! Oh well! I’ll get it one of these days!


I have finished blocks for two more of the Around the World Quilting Bee quilts. That leaves me with two more here and two more on their way.

Issac’s Momma (Sudi-Laura to the rest of the world) said that she wanted us to find something in our stash to use to make her blocks. OK! I have plenty of fabric to get through around here. I bought the ironwork pattern fabric for another block, but it didn’t work. So I went through the fat quarters & found some fabrics that went nicely with the colors in the scrolls. I thought the Churn Dash pattern would be perfect to showcase both the background and the feature fabrics.

She was also short one block from her set. I found the Square in a Square mini-block and decided that I would go through my ends and make a sampler of some of my fabrics. These are all fabrics that I have used in the last few years for projects. Quite a few of them are to be found in the other ATWQB blocks. I did leave out the denim, corduroy, and fleece since they don’t iron out so well.

The idea was great, but the execution about drove me insane! Scrappy is fun, but scrappy with a plan can be crazy. Next time, I will sew all of the triangles together into sets, THEN attach them to the white squares.

I also think I need better lighting in here. It’s not so bad when I am at the machine, but sewing at night can get pretty dark, and don’t even try matching up colors then!

Next was Cindra’s block. Her quilt was vibrant, and in some cases wild! (Penguins!) I wanted to find some of my snappier fabrics to make her block with. I found the ladybugs and remembered that I had the fun black and white floral print with the green centers. It took me longer to match up a good red with the ladybugs than it did to sew the block. I like the star with the stair-stepping blocks. Quite a few of the other blocks in her quilt were also built on the 9-patch pattern, so this one should be right at home. I think she may be the last one to have all of her blocks made by different people.

I have a few other sewing projects to finish off. (Yes, cousins, that includes hemming your lounge pants!) Then it is back the last few blocks I have. It seems like there should be more, until I realize that we started this back in May sometime! I guess time does fly when you are having fun!

Hubby put in a mini-orchard. We found these trees last year at Costco and waited too long to buy some. We didn’t wait this year. We have a pear and an apple tree that have multiple varieties on them. The different varieties are grafted onto the root stock, they will neatly cross pollinate, and make delicious fruit. There is also an apple tree sapling that came from the seed of an apple I ate shortly after we moved in. It is supposed to be a Crisp’s Pink, but that might not be true, since I have no idea what pollen the bee dropped into the flower. I could have a totally new variety down there. We are also giving a peach tree a try. One of Mom’s neighbors has a peach tree. I have actually seen the thing loaded with peaches, so it it is possible to grow them here.

He built the retaining wall out of rocks that were here on the property. We are hoping that the trees are far enough away from the fence & that the hotwire will keep the goats from reaching through and having a snack.

My husband brought home a pair of blueberry plants two years ago. My daughter LOVES them. We are lucky to get any of the berries off of the bushes. He picked up two more varieties, so we now have a small berry patch too. We want to put in some raspberries, but we need to find the right place for them. We tried to put some in out first year, but they didn’t make it over the winter. I think I need to learn a bit more about maintaining raspberry canes too. They get kind of squirrely if you don’t manage them properly. I want lots of berries and very few canes if I can figure out what variety those are!

Stash report for Jan. 18 – Jan. 24.

Sorry Sadie. I fell off the wagon. I did buy some fabric the week of Jan 18. Blame it on my sister & your mom. I do admit I was weak, and went into the fabric store with my sister. I did however, spend less than $15.

Fabric Bought this week: 3.25 yards

Fabric used this week: 2.5 yards

Bought YTD: 3.25 yards

Used YTD: 3.0 yards

Net yardage: + 0.25 yards

My cousin & his wife just had a baby boy. My cousin is a HUGE Dallas Mavericks fan. So, while I was poking about in the “Half Off the Clearance Price” fabric. I found nearly a whole bolt of Mavs fabric @ $2 per yard. Normally I would have snatched up a bunch and figured I would make him something fun later. I restrained myself and bought only a yard and a yard of blue flannel as backing. I now have a finished baby blankie.

I also picked up some fabric for Lady_Belle’s butterflies for her ATWQB quilt block. She has some beautiful fabrics with gold ink highlights and these two pieces will look good with her quilt. I needed the right browns to finish the attic window frames too.

The Halloween fabrics were on sale (60% off) and I needed to make a few extra 9 patches for my Halloween quilt. I used most of them for Mom’s quilt top. I did some separate swaps for blocks and those needed the spacer blocks too. This is the fabric that I haven’t used yet, as I haven’t had time to get back to the Spooky quilt.

Weeks 5 & 6

Jan. 25 – Jan. 31       No new fabric bought.

Feb. 1 – Feb. 7             No new fabric bought.

I will have the ATWQB blocks to deduct at the end of this week. Whoo Hoo!

My daughter isn’t afraid of much. Doodle the Goat and some shadow monsters are about all that really bother her. So, when a friend of my husband’s sent home a vintage Radio Flyer Wagon we knew what was coming.

After figuring out that she could put a lot of rocks and other really good stuff in there and haul it around, the idea dawned on her that it should go down the new gravel drive to the barn all on its own.

Oooh, how cool would that be if it could take her with it? She tried to make it go on her own, but her legs aren’t long enough to reach the ground while she is sitting on the inside. She finally figured out that she could make it move by rocking back & forth. Thankfully, the gravel is chunky enough to keep her from reaching ramming speed, or I think we would have had need of some of the much dreaded Band-Aids. Coasting is her most favorite thing to do while we are outside these days. I say go for it! The more times she rides down, the more times she has to haul the wagon back up the hill, & the sooner she is tired out!

I love the metal wagon. I am sure that someone, some where will say it is too dangerous. I don’t care. I had one as a kid, & I made it. And I can hear where she is on the farm with that thing rattling around behind her!

Long live the red Radio Flyer!

Aimee asked that we give the Drunkard’s Path pattern a try for her quilt. She even gave us a link to the site at The Sometimes Crafter on how to achieve the look she was after. Again, I made two blocks for this quilt.

This one was my first choice. I really liked the primary colors in the bird print and I had some great fabrics to go with it. Aimee’s starter block had the curved pieces set back into a circle. I do suppose that if she chooses, she can pull a few seams, rearrange the subsets, and make it a circle.

This was my alternate colorway. The white fabric also has little birds and lady bugs on it. Picked up these prints because they were cute, but I had no set plans for them. Apparently Aimee’s quilt needed some birdies! I did set this one into a circle.

The curved seams were not as bad as I had imagined they would be. I think starting on that large of a curve was helpful too. Pins, Pins, Pins were certainly the answer to keeping the fabric where you wanted it to be while sewing. The other thing to remember was to alternate the lay of the seam if it was being set into a circle. This kept the edges nicely matched up.

Now to sign & send them, and on to block #19!

The last two weeks have been crazy. I did manage to get two more quilts done.

Lady Belle was to get a shadow box with two hummingbirds and two butterflies. Well…. The hummers turned out a little taller than they were supposed to. The book says all of the blocks should be 4″ square. I must have messed up the seam allowances somewhere. They were closer to 5″ tall and 4″ wide.

I made two more butterflies to go into the attic windows block. Y seams weren’t as bad as I thought, but I don’t want to make a career out of them! In the mean time I had flipped the hummingbird block on top of another book of more traditional patterns. When he landed, he covered up a part of the star block, and looked like he had stopped at a flower for a sip. Our local hummingbirds like the fuchsia baskets, so I modified a star pattern to resemble one.

It is a good thing that I made two of the hummingbirds, because I doubt that I will make another any time really soon. There are a lot of tiny pieces. My guess is that it would be a good pattern for paper piecing. I don’t have any experience with paper piecing, so I don’t know how to go about adapting a pattern. I will eventually do something with the other one, like frame it or something!

The butterflies also had some small pieces, but there were fewer of them. It was fun to mix and match the fabrics for them. The attic windows blocks reminded me of a shadow box, and the butterfly specimens you see at a museum. They turned out pretty good. I was going to add the antennae on to their heads, but then thought of how hard that would be to quilt around. I will let the quilt owner add her own antennae.

I know that this is actually two blocks for the same quilt. We have had a couple of people drop out of the swap so this will help fill in some of the missing blocks. I can not promise that I will make two blocks for everybody that is short, but since it will help me get rid of some of my fabric stash I will make the effort.