The last two weeks have been crazy. I did manage to get two more quilts done.

Lady Belle was to get a shadow box with two hummingbirds and two butterflies. Well…. The hummers turned out a little taller than they were supposed to. The book says all of the blocks should be 4″ square. I must have messed up the seam allowances somewhere. They were closer to 5″ tall and 4″ wide.

I made two more butterflies to go into the attic windows block. Y seams weren’t as bad as I thought, but I don’t want to make a career out of them! In the mean time I had flipped the hummingbird block on top of another book of more traditional patterns. When he landed, he covered up a part of the star block, and looked like he had stopped at a flower for a sip. Our local hummingbirds like the fuchsia baskets, so I modified a star pattern to resemble one.

It is a good thing that I made two of the hummingbirds, because I doubt that I will make another any time really soon. There are a lot of tiny pieces. My guess is that it would be a good pattern for paper piecing. I don’t have any experience with paper piecing, so I don’t know how to go about adapting a pattern. I will eventually do something with the other one, like frame it or something!

The butterflies also had some small pieces, but there were fewer of them. It was fun to mix and match the fabrics for them. The attic windows blocks reminded me of a shadow box, and the butterfly specimens you see at a museum. They turned out pretty good. I was going to add the antennae on to their heads, but then thought of how hard that would be to quilt around. I will let the quilt owner add her own antennae.

I know that this is actually two blocks for the same quilt. We have had a couple of people drop out of the swap so this will help fill in some of the missing blocks. I can not promise that I will make two blocks for everybody that is short, but since it will help me get rid of some of my fabric stash I will make the effort.