Aimee asked that we give the Drunkard’s Path pattern a try for her quilt. She even gave us a link to the site at The Sometimes Crafter on how to achieve the look she was after. Again, I made two blocks for this quilt.

This one was my first choice. I really liked the primary colors in the bird print and I had some great fabrics to go with it. Aimee’s starter block had the curved pieces set back into a circle. I do suppose that if she chooses, she can pull a few seams, rearrange the subsets, and make it a circle.

This was my alternate colorway. The white fabric also has little birds and lady bugs on it. Picked up these prints because they were cute, but I had no set plans for them. Apparently Aimee’s quilt needed some birdies! I did set this one into a circle.

The curved seams were not as bad as I had imagined they would be. I think starting on that large of a curve was helpful too. Pins, Pins, Pins were certainly the answer to keeping the fabric where you wanted it to be while sewing. The other thing to remember was to alternate the lay of the seam if it was being set into a circle. This kept the edges nicely matched up.

Now to sign & send them, and on to block #19!